VX Uganda

Playing the game of honour

2020 v2 league soon

this is to announce the 2020 V2 league scheduled to commence in march 15th and will break on August 15th. 

all clubs are advised to register with the competition manager or send in their interest at different venues for different league games will be communicated. Both boys and girls can compete on equal footing at same time. to mean to say that a tean can be of  mixed gender as VX is a gender neural sport. 

The teams that will be competing against each other are all based in Kampala at the minute but as the word spreads more teams will be set up in other regions of Uganda.

The teams are:

The All Starz, Bondeko VX club , Makerere VX club, The Buffaloz, The Warriorz, The Rhinoz and The Bullz who are twinning with the Kirkbymoorside Bullz in the UK, more information can be found on the teams in the Club Directory section of this site.

The VX Uhanda National Team hope to compete in the 2020 V2 World Championships in Hong Kong August.


Malingha Timothy taking command of his team a head of a stiff match against the Arrow VX club at sheraton kampala squash courts.  VX is afew of the world all inclussive sport that boys and girls compete on equal footing. 


th                THE HISTORY OF VX UGANDA IN MAKING PART 2 global vx visit 

Craig and Paul arrived in Entebbe airport to be met ny Bakaze Robert CEO of VX Uganda and Executive board member Hasindihe James all four took the 45 minute drive to the hotel in Kampala where Craig and Paul were dropped off and booked in ready for a well deserved sleep.

The following day they were picked up by the guys and proceeded to the squash courts at Makerere University to meet the rest of the people who were playing VX, what Craig and Paul saw blew them away, lots of people playing VX and this was all achieved with just 4 sticks half a dozen balls a pair of score counters and a shed load of enthusiasm and determination. They were good!!!!!

The two watched a practice session taken by Gerald Kanyesgye and it was just like they were back at homeā€¦ only in was warm.

These guys had sat down thought about what they needed to achieve and then went out and delivered. They had only seen video clips and had talked to many of our players in the UK but they managed.

During the trip Craig and Paul qualified some coaches and assessors so that they were able to take the sport forward so we now have qualified coaches and assessors in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

On the second day there while they were watching practice a gentleman called Ray Carthy who was at the University promoting a new South African wine came over to see what was going on. Craig spent the next hour explaining how the game was played and fielding a million and one questions about what they were trying to do. That evening they interviewed Ray who asked if he could present to them how he would like to take the sport to South Africa and develop it there, another new National Governing Body was born, VX South Africa.

On the last day or their trip the guys watched the inaugural African Nations Cup where 3 nations were represented Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania and an African Nations Champion was crowned Timothy Malinga.

The final act for Craig and Paul during the trip was to promote Bakaze Robert to CEO of the VX African Nations and Hasindihe James to CEO of VX Uganda, both have done an outstanding job in developing the sport and we wish them well in their endeavors.

AAfrican Nations Cup

On Monday 25th September the Africans Nations Cup was won by Timothy Malinga once again who beat Busingye Didus in an extremely close game.

2018 international vx world ranking

1st place Tom Hildreth (England )

2nd place Dan Rapper . (England)

3rd place Pawan . (India)

4th place Hasindihe James (uganda)

Around the world

New National Governing Body set up in Tanzania

New National Governing Body set up in Kenya

New National Governing Body set up in South Africa

Tom Hildreth (England) takes the World Senior V2 Cup